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 Our MissionWe create, pilot and monitor community inclusion programs that enable the autonomy and self-reliance among persons living with a mental health issues and psycho-social disabilities. Such programs aim to connect with and expand on the aspirations and potential of low income communities, and strengthen their long term emotional sustainability and care giving abilities. We work towards enhancing and promoting the emotional well being of persons in vulnerable positions (women, poor, children) and other populations in need of psychosocial services. We create innovative programs in the community, so that the psycho-social effects of Development in the community is reduced through a diversity of skills and strategies. We create psychosocial strategies in a way that allows for a basket of modular interventions to be available, to suit the myriad needs of people and communities. We advocate to change the structural, social, legal and policy environment, so that they remain human rights compliant, just and fair to people with a psycho-social disability. We strive to create justice environments for people with psycho social disabilities.

Our VisionWe want to see a world, where emotional well being is experienced in a holistic manner, and not just as mental disease. We dream of healing environments where every person uses their own capacity to make choices, heal themselves, recover and move on.  Recovery methods will be creative, non-violent, non- -hazardous and playful.


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